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Established in 2007, Ailsapress is a small independent publisher based on the Isle of Islay. Our aim is to produce art-led books for the gift and children’s market that will reflect indigenous island life and offer a memento to visitors who come to the island.

"Small publishers are the truffles below the oaks of any culture – hidden, valuable and the carriers of specialist delight…"

The Isle of Islay lies off the west coast of Scotland and is part of the group of islands known as the Inner Hebrides. Its unspoiled natural beauty attracts a wide variety of visitors to its shores, bird enthusiasts, whisky connoisseurs, walkers, divers and archaeologists to name but a few. Above all, it is a place where families love to romp and roam. Islay also plays host to 14 different festivals throughout the year, including a Whisky festival, three Music Festivals (Jazz, Folk & Chamber Music) and a Book Festival.

Ailsapress welcomes ideas for new books from authors, photographers and/or illustrators whose work is high-quality and whose imagery reflects island life.

Published Books – More Detailed Info

The Tail Of Ailsa 2007 – Look Inside
Bramble And Coultoon – Their Hebridean Adventure 2009 – Look inside
Bramble And Coultoon – Their Sky Dragon Adventure 2011 – Look inside
Island Moments Taken By Surprise In The Hebrides 2012 – Look Inside
Baba King Of The Castle – Jacket Potato 2012
Bramble And Coultoon – Their Bolsa Cave Adventure 2014 Look Inside
“These Men Are Worth Your Tears” – Islay And Jura In World War 1 2015
À Table Whisky From Glass To Plate 2016
Little Terry Tiddlemouse And His Countryside Friends 2016
Little Terry Tiddlemouse Time For Tea And Dressing Up 2016
Eulalie’s journey to Algonquin with Tom Thomson April 2018 (Canada) – Look Inside
Emily Carr and Raven – In the Darkness of Her Dreams July 2021 (Canada) – Look Inside
The Seasons with Cindy and Lucy – Old Farming Ways on Islay June 2022

Our Latest Book – Emily Carr and Raven

Emily Carr and RavenEmily Carr and Raven is a fresh perspective on the life of Emily Carr written for the Young Adult reader and upwards. The story recounts how she is born into this world as a tree soul. But she forgets her true origins, and her life journey is tinged with heartache and longing, although she does not know for what. Buy in our online Bookstore

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Rhu, Port Charlotte
Isle of Islay
PA48 7TS

Tel: +44 (0) 1496 850 289
Email: info@ailsapress.co.uk