Shipment and Terms & Conditions



We have a stock of books in Canada and in the UK. Books can be shipped both within Canada and from Canada to the USA.
Books can be shipped within the UK.


For other international destinations either from Canada or UK, please get in touch with the publisher direct at   Mark your message ORDERS. We will respond by return giving you the cost of shipping options to the desired international destination. If you wish to place an order, we will then invoice you and give you a link to the payment section on our website. Orders will be shipped as soon as payment has been received.

When you see “NO SHIPPING OPTIONS FOUND FOR THIS ADDRESS”, this means that the address you have given is regarded by the system as an international destination and you need to contact the publisher direct as indicated above.


For books shipped either within Canada, or from Canada to the USA, please be aware that Large Letter rate is your cheapest option.
The maximum weight for Large Letters in Canada is 500 gram and the maximum dimensions are: 380 mm long x 270 mm wide x 20 mm thick.
In Canada, as soon as books inside their packaging weigh above 500 g, you need to pay parcel rate. Therefore it can be cheaper to send books singly, with each book sent at Large Letter rate. For instance, shipment of two books of the title Emily Carr and Raven sent together in a parcel will cost $21.60. But sent separately at Large Letter rate, the cost of shipping per book is only $6.69, adding to a total of $13.38. This works out $8 cheaper than the parcel rate.

In the UK, Large Letter maximum weight is 750 gram and maximum dimensions are: 363 mm long x 250 mm wide x 25 mm thick. Depending on the weight of the book, we can post one, two or three books per Large Envelope.


We welcome enquiries about multiple orders, or orders which weigh over 2 kg. These enquiries should be addressed direct with the publisher at  Mark your message ORDERS. We will respond giving you costs of books together with shipment costs. If you wish to place an order, we will then invoice you and give you a link to the payment section on our website. Orders will be shipped as soon as payment has been received.


Customers will be notified as soon as their order has been dispatched.

Terms & Conditions


  • You may cancel an order, or exchange goods for a similar product, if an order is placed erroneously so long as shipment has not taken place.
  • Retailers may return unsold books within three months of receipt of an order; return postage will be refunded to the retailer.
  • You undertake all details that you provide for the purpose of ordering or purchasing goods are present and correct
  • If potential fraud is identified due to false information supplied to us, your details will be passed to relevant agencies to avert fraud and money laundering
  • You ensure any spam filters and/or services employed by you do NOT block, bounce or delete emails from us
  • You agree to our using your email address and telephone number as a means of communicating with you regarding the books you have purchased
  • We undertake NOT to disclose, lease, rent or sell to third parties your personal details, including your email address and phone number


  • If a product is damaged or faulty, please return the said product within one week of receipt and we will replace it with a new one and re-fund the cost of return postage at Large Letter rate
  • We reserve the right to change information, prices, and descriptions of our goods without prior notice
  • We reserve the right NOT to fulfil an order for goods that were advertised at an incorrect price
  • Please read the descriptions of the goods before buying. We are not responsible for the return of products which fit these descriptions.


  • The store trades in Canadian Dollars but you may view prices in other currencies
  • Purchases you make from this website are regarded as having been made in Scotland
  • Our accounts are held in the UK and tax is paid in the UK on these accounts
  • We shall be bound by Scottish and UK law concerning any purchases you make from this website.
  • Direct Online Payments can be made using Paypal and Bank Transfer (BACS). Your order will be processed when your payment has been received in our account.


Our books are shipped within UK, within Canada, and from Canada to the USA. Shipping is costed at Large Letter rates and Parcel rates.

We may amend these terms and conditions from time to time and place the new version on our website

If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions hereof, please do NOT make a purchase from this website.

Last updated 1st of June 2021